Choose your Cloud Storage service wisely in 2024. Mandatory quality and security features

The cloud storage trend for 2024
Cloud Storage has been covered many times in our space. It is quickly becoming the most talked about digital service for 2024. That is because many industries continue or start using cloud storage more than ever.

Businesses may become dependent on their cloud provider for the security and availability of their sensitive data, which can be problematic in case of service interruption or provider bankruptcy.


Relying on cloud storage for sensitive data can introduce several security implications.

TOP Must-Haves for Cloud Storage
We are never too direct or absolute, but there are some features and company-related standards you should look for when choosing the service you are about to entrust your personal and business files.

Some services and mandatory features will be mentioned as examples of quality below.

  • Data breaches
    Storing sensitive data in the cloud can make it more vulnerable to data breaches, as the data is accessible over the internet. Do your research and make sure the cloud service offers Encryption. 
  • Unauthorized access
    You should ensure that they have proper access controls and authentication measures in place to prevent unauthorized access. Two-factor authentication (2FA) and account history are always required. 
  • Technical/ Customer Support
    pCloud and Dropbox offer very good technical support. Dropbox relies on some pre-set replies to specific questions in the form of an online blank, whereas pCloud has an entire team of highly qualified professionals for this matter, available in many languages. They even have Chinese and Japanese language coverage! 
  • Secure collaboration
    Storing sensitive data in the cloud can make it more difficult to use if no collaboration tools are available. Being able to customize shared links or work in a mutual folder with colleagues and friends is a definite must. 
  • Data Loss
    Data stored in the cloud can be lost due to technical failures, human error, or cyber-attacks. Businesses should ensure that they have proper data backup and disaster recovery plans in place. Services like pCloud offer version- control, helping you recover previous files and versions. They are the leading Dropbox alternative right now. 
  • Jurisdictional issues
    Storing data in the cloud may subject it to foreign laws and regulations, and may expose the data to the risk of being accessed by foreign governments or other third parties. pCloud is a Swiss cloud storage company, which means they comply with the toughest cyber security and data privacy laws. Dropbox is similar, but not Swiss. 
  • Cost-effective Pricing Model
    Services are becoming expensive. You should always plan your finances ahead. That is part of leading a satisfactory life, especially for 2024 and the expected recessions. pCloud is the pioneer of Lifetime plans, which require just 1 payment, letting you keep the product for 99 years. This is the most affordable option in the long run. Dropbox might not offer Lifetime, but its security lives up to its reputation and pricing, despite being more expensive. 

To mitigate these security implications, cloud storage services should ensure that they have proper security measures in place, such as encryption, access controls, and regular security updates, and that they have a good understanding of the security measures offered by their cloud provider.

Proven and checked services like pCloud, Dropbox, and are probably the best options to go with for 2024 since they comply with all the above-mentioned mandatory features.