Double the storage, lower the expenses

Millions of iPhone users are switching to pCloud as their primary cloud storage provider.

Ok we get it, you’ve got the latest iPhone and that’s great. You get 5 GB free cloud limit, but is this enough? Aren’t you tired from having to pay more on your cloud simply following a trend?

How many of your friends have gone down that path? Ending paying more money just because they think they are obliged to purchase from iCloud.

The truth is that millions of iPhone users have already found out the secret we are about to tell you. Millions of iPhone users have already switched to pCloud as their primary cloud storage provider.


How did they do that?

Well, let me tell you that… Sure you are an iPhone user, but that doesn’t mean your storage has to be from iCloud especially when you get it for less.

Did you know that what you are currently paying for 200 GB you get 500 GB with pCloud? That’s right, you read it correct! Make a convenience of 500 GB for the price of 200 GB, or go even harder and get 2 TB at the price of 1 TB.




200 GB




500 GB




1 TB



2 TB



No question about it right?

If iCloud stands for Intermediate, then pCloud by no doubt stands for Perfection. By now you see why millions of iPhone users are switching to pCloud as their primary cloud storage provider. Join them now! Open your pCloud account and sync all your files immediately!

And if cost is not your primary decision making concern, then let’s look at the products themselves. One of the reasons why iPhone users chose to go with iCloud, is simply based on branding. As if having an iPhone on itself is not a big enough status object right…

Let’s be realistic, your phone is what you pay for, your phone is the projection of your status, your cloud is what you need to store as many pictures as possible for as less expensive as possible. At the end of the day, we all love people’s admiration, why don’t we just have more cloud storage space and share as many marvelous pictures of ourselves with them?


How bad do you want it?

When both services provide more or less similar features, with one major difference that you play music for free with pCloud, then your inclination to go with the more popular provider is not a logical decision. You are merely following a trend that has taken years to be established. When you can simply switch to pCloud now and say bye bye to itunes for good.

But we are here today to tell you that the goal polls are changing and that more and more fellow iPhone users are realizing just how much more they get with pCloud. Millions of iPhone users are trusting pCloud with their cloud storage solutions, because they want not only to pay less, but also to get more out of what they pay for. Including, no file size limit, free music, browser extension, ability to access your files from any device and share files with anyone, just to name a few. Just imagine how many more pictures you can share with your mates and how much free music you can listen with pCloud! So why don’t you just go ahead and install the free app from here and let the world see you shine.

Besides these great features there are few paid add-ons that you can benefit from, including client-side encryption, extended file history and file recovery. And if you have not opened your account already, let me tell you that you get 20 GB free storage compared to the 5 GB you’ve gotten so far. By now you know why pCloud stands for Perfection right? Plus you get a whooping commission for referring your mates to pCloud, which is a great incentive to turn your social circle into a money making machine. Learn more about how to become pCloud affiliate.