How Memes Disrupted Social media. The most used imagery on IoT devices for 2023.

The new digital reality

Social media has become the new reality for a large percentage of the world’s population. The hours and attention devoted to Social Media during the last 2 years have exponentially grown to extremes. According to the latest Statista tables, more than 5 billion users use the Internet daily, 90% of which spend 4 to 6 hours a day on Social Media platforms.

Facebook and all similar platforms are designed to convert your attention into ads-focused income. It seems that they are doing a very good job, considering the retention growth during the last several years, especially after the COVID-19 outburst.

The success of Social Media platforms and the Internet, in general, can be connected to the sociological aspect of people’s need to communicate. We all like expressing ourselves, especially if there’s an audience, willing to like, comment and share our content. These minor, but yet powerful clicks form a dopamine bomb of interactions, giving people instant gratification in the form of a heart-like.

Another study suggests that people have lost some of their primal instincts and are now susceptible to manipulations from the Internet. Others’ opinions have never been as important to us, seeking validation from every corner.

This all has formed the boundaries of the new digital reality we have started living in.


The social effect of Memes in 2023

A new digital reality means that we now communicate on a different level as well. The IoT devices are always in our pockets, ready to ping and ring to boost our dopamine. 

 It’s funny- with so many automated tasks in our lives due to technology and digitalization, it was expected to have more free time. However, it turns out our attention span has decreased more than ever, creating a constant need to receive dopamine spikes for a very short time. 

 The same goes for information exchange via communication. When we talk, we usually embrace each other’s individual gestures and eye contact. In the Digital world, it is all about saying more for less time. With a single Meme, you can tell a full story and provoke reactions.

 Worldwide famous Memes could be found under the following names:

– Success Kid
– Shut up and take my money
– Sad Keanu
– Well, that escalated quickly
– Grumpy cat
– Disaster girl
– Distracted Boyfriend
– Doge
– Facepalm
– Be like Bill
– What if I told you
– Bad Luck Brian
– Philosiraptor
– Overly Attached Girlfriend

We suggest staying aware of the influences of Social Media and modern-day technology on our psychology and decision-making. If you fall on the floor- break the floor. Just like Nokia.


Written by Rafael Pashamov, 2023