How my phone made me shout “stop the wedding”?

Embarrassing moments shared by a wanna-be photographer

What do you use your phone for?

Taking pictures? If you are a wanna-be photographer like me you’d love the freedom to snap a picture with your phone on the go. How about listening music? I can’t take the tube without headphones and a phone. Yes, I mainly use those two features of the phone and honestly speaking sometimes I find it hard to enjoy them to the max. Not because I have an old phone or anything, but just because of lack of phone memory. Let me tell you how I almost spoiled my sister’s Big Day due to lack of phone memory.

Could it get any more embarrassing than that?

Yes, I remember couple of months ago, I went to my sister’s wedding. Imagine my excitement, capturing as many pictures as possible. Emotions were running sky high. I was all over the place and that is when it all happened… the moment, me and other 158 guests will never forget. The moment I attempted to stop a wedding. The newly weds were just about to be pronounced as such, when I had the urge to scream “stop the wedding”. Not only did I have the urge to do it, but I actually was forced to do it.


But before you judge me for being a bad sister, read this…

This is what happens when you are in the heat of the moment, you are about to snap the most important picture of your sister’s life, and you get that beloved message on your phone “storage full”. How could I not shout “stop the wedding”? You must think I’m crazy. But not! All I wanted was to pause for a second, find a solution and capture the kiss. That is all, you see I’m not such a bad sister after all.

How did I get out of this embarrassing situation?

Well, luckily for me, my sister knows I love her to bits, so she took my scream as a joke. I quickly grabbed my second phone (secretly thinking how am I going to destroy my first one for betraying me in such an important moment) and the wedding was resumed. During the reception however, a friend of my sister who couldn’t not notice my embarrassment, came to me with this great new invention, pCloud, that he said is a life-saver.

I am not exaggerating…

just bear with me, as I get super excited even thinking about how life-saving it felt when I realized all its benefits. Imagine, all this time I’ve been having a phone, and not a single friend recommended me using pCloud. I’m not saying they are bad friends, but come on, this is what friends are for, to share ideas and experiences. And since I’ve learned about pCloud, believe you me, I don’t miss a chance to say how happy I am from extending my phone memory.

Ok, let me cool down the emotions

I need to tell you in brief what you get when you sign up with pCloud, so that you share my excitement. Besides up to  20 GB free cloud storage, you get to access your files from any device. When I say any device, I actually mean anything with internet. I’m not sure whether there are cookers with wifi already, but let’s be realistic. You want to store your files in one single place and access them from any computer (be it a PC and a Mac), tablet and from any smartphone (Android and iPhone).

The process is really simple, believe me, even my grandmother who is definitely not a computer geek, installed pCloud on her phone and now is taking pictures of her garden. How sweet is that. I helped her switch the auto upload on, so that every picture she takes automatically is saved onto the cloud. Just open the app settings, one simple swipe, turn the auto upload on and there you are. The world is in your hand. You can have all the pictures that you want, share them with anyone, access them from any device. It’s great. I love it.

Plus, did I mention how much I love listening to music?

My way of listening to music is a bit, how to say it, well, I convert youtube videos into mp3. I know! “Do as I say, not as I do”, right? But when it comes to youtube into mp3, honestly, coming from a musician’s perspective, any promotion is a good promotion. Enough conscious talk.

Let me give you the How To’s of saving music from the web with pCloud. All you need is their browser extension, which once installed, opens unlimited doors for you. Right click on any file of your choice and there you have it, files saved in your cloud. Now simply open the app on your phone, and stream the music from there, even though you’ve saved it from your computer.

Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, listening to music can now be done with and without music. You don’t have to spend tons of money on music, all you need is your pCloud account and your phone. Upload all your tunes in the cloud and stream them online on your phone, or save them on your phone for those times you don’t have internet (like the other day when we went camping, but that’s a story for another time)

By now you already know why I love pCloud and why all of my friends love it as well

I get to auto upload all my pictures and never run out of phone memory. Now I can say I am a step closer to being a photographer pro. I don’t worry about deleting files just so that I can capture a moment. I’ve extended my hard drive and my phone memory with 2TB.

I also get to save anything from the web with one single click and then access it from any device. Listening to music is free if you are using an iphone, you can just upload your music to the cloud and then stream them from your phone. Most of my friends with iPhones are loving pCloud mainly for that reason, that you can not only stream music but also save tunes from the cloud to your phone. Which gives you the power to have all your favorite tunes with you wherever you are.

If you are a life-lover like me and my friends, go on and install pCloud as we speak. Start with up to 20 GB free account and upgrade to upto 2 TB client-side encrypted cloud storage.

Have fun and enjoy life even more with pCloud.

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