Hubic stops developing and accepting new registrations. What is the best alternative?

HubiC online storage service no longer accepts new customers

HubiC, OVH’s online consumer storage service launched in 2011, is on hold, according to OVH’s recent announcement . “We made the decision to stop hubiC development and suspend the creation of new accounts,” says OVH .

Used by some photographers as a solution for backing up processed photos, or even for backing up their Lightroom catalog (as others do with Dropbox), hubiC was the home solution of the French host to compete with services like Dropbox, pCloud, Google Drive or One Drive, iCloud Drive, etc. In the beginning, the service lacked functionality and the quality of service was not equal to that of the American people, but at least one French actor proposed a solution.

Be careful, hubiC is an online storage solution, not a backup solution for your data 

Unfortunately, over the years, the battle of consumer online storage has intensified, and OVH itself says to be disarmed: “Over the years, and in an increasingly competitive market, the notebook the expenses necessary for the development of a general public offer gradually lengthened and diverged more and more from the necessary and expected developments and functionalities for our professional offers.

As OVH is more BtoB-oriented , the cloud solution provider has decided to cut corners for hubiC : “We need to focus on our core business in support of our very rapid growth in Europe and the United States. That’s why we made the decision to stop hubiC development and suspend the creation of new accounts, “says OVH.

This “painful” decision reminds us that it is important not to rely solely on a backup of its data in the cloud , especially with players whose online storage service is marginal compared to the main activity. OVH is a cloud infrastructure provider for developers and enterprises, not a data backup and synchronization software publisher, even though the two approaches are not completely opposite.

There is still good news: the hubiC service is maintained for current subscribers under the same conditions , the service “being used internally for our own needs,” explains OVH. But if I were you, I would look for Hubic alternative quickly , because nothing says that OVH is not itself looking for an outsourced solution to reduce the maintenance costs of this service which is not strategic for him. And hubiC’s desktop and mobile applications will no longer be updated, which OVH reports in its FAQ on closing hub registrations .

One of the best Hubic alternative with all features Hubic have plus lot more (including Lightroom plugin, RAW photos supported and etc) is Switzerland secure cloud storage provider – pCloud.