Making your life easier in 2023. Invest in the Best Digital tools.

Brief Introduction
Believe it or not, we are already jumping swiftly into the end of the first half of 2023. Life indeed brings a dynamic feeling of slipping away way quicker than we would like. 

Recent social studies show that this phenomenon can be explained by the amount of stress and multitasking that occurs in our everyday activities and basic duties. 

We decided to make a list of the best Digital tools for 2023 worth your investment. Using reliable and convenient technology could definitely simplify one’s life while saving time, removing stress from tedious minor tasks, and helping you stay connected with others from a distance.

One thing we consider important when talking about Investments is our nature as human beings and the social aspect of spending money. Capitalism has led to a very strong evolution in our spending habits, which is a topic for another time.

We wish to keep your attention on the fact that it is essential to spend wisely and consider more lifelong investments. Daily groceries and needs are not what we’re talking about, obviously. 

But why not spend less on Digital tools in the long- run, when you can use the remaining savings for other essential reasons? Some services offer an innovative way of buying their products. It is called a Lifetime plan or payment model, which means that you have to pay only once while getting to keep the product for your entire life. 

Best Digital Tools for 2023 for Personal Use

1. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has become one of the standard tools one should always have. You want to keep your documents, beautiful photographs, or contacts safe and easily accessible. Keeping your valuable information on the computer or hard drive is not the best idea. These tools might crash or get infected with malware, thus losing all your data.

Fortunately, there are many reliable cloud storage services, that let you store and protect your most valuable asset (your information) while having the freedom to access and share it anywhere you go, anytime, from any device in the most secure way possible.

Dropbox is the service that brought cloud storage to the mainstream. They offer reliable security, the ability to share files, and a very reasonable speed of transfer. It might be a bit pricier than our other suggestions, however. Creating the industry standard for cloud storage deserved appreciation, but keeping up with the new kids on the block is not a task to underestimate.


pCloud is popular for being the best Dropbox alternative, having schooled the master, according to cloud storage industry authorities and Cyber Security specialists. pCloud towers above others with its rich arsenal of collaboration tools and unmatched pricing models. They are the closest embodiment of cost-effectiveness and saving money. pCloud pioneered the Lifetime plan, which is just a one-time payment while offering subscriptions as well. In a sea of subscriptions, pCloud shines a bright light on your wallet and information which can be stored in up to 16 TB of space.


IceDrive is the newest of our top 3 suggestions. They follow pCloud’s Lifetime model due to its convenience and wallet-friendliness. However, IceDrive lacks some of pCloud’s collaboration tools and offers less cloud storage space for its value, but offers client-side Encryption by default, whereas pCloud requires extra payment (also available for Lifetime) for their Crypto Folder feature. Bare in mind that true Zero- Knowledge Encryption might not mix well together with Collaborative tools, which is what IceDrive tries to market itself with. Nevertheless, their Lifetime plan makes them a good choice for a high return on your investments in the long run.

If interested, here is a detailed Top cloud storage provider analysis for 2023.

2. Spell Checker and Organizers


This category has combined both spell-checking services (such as Grammarly), as well as personal organizers like Asana, Calendar, Evernote, and many others. We will not be suggesting any of them, due to their high-ranking reliability. Consider this a challenge for yourselves. All we can say is that they are all used on our end.

This goes simpler than ever- keep your tasks organized, don’t reschedule missed appointments and you will be good to go for 2023! Have your spelling checked and corrected immediately, while you’re typing with super intuitive tools. You will notice how time-effective that is.

3. Password Managers

Admit it, you must have sometimes written down passwords in a real notebook or .docx file. We all have. There is a bigger chance you might be needing a Password Manager than a car today. Everything is account-based and you have one for every system surrounding your life. Even your home security, banking, and your children’s school data require some form of authentication via credentials.

Password Managers are software tools that let you protect your credentials while assisting you to log in to services with an account, without requiring you to type or enter the login ID or passwords. They keep your accounts safe in case one account is hacked because the rest of the accounts will be safe.

Some Password Managers have evolved so much, that they function more as a multi-purpose tool right now. They even substitute note-taking tools and digital organizers.

pCloud Pass comes to mind immediately. It is the second product released by pCloud, extending further their offering, while expanding their unbreakable Encryption. pCloud Pass comes with many organizer- like tools like Notes, Shares, Auto-fill, Biometric unlock, Password Generator, and others. One single Master Password takes care of all those responsible tasks. Available for Lifetime, pCloud Pass once again might be a winner in this category.

1Password is designed to protect what you store in your vaults even in the unlikely event of your systems being breached. It is popular for its convenience for larger teams or a family. It is slightly pricier than pCloud, but considering that the latter offers a Lifetime, probably all services would fall into that category. 1Pass deserves this spot for its robust security and ease of use.

LastPass offers password management for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome. When you set the primary password, this tool allows you to import your login details and usernames from all popular Browsers. We wish to raise awareness, however, that you should not blindly trust huge brands and witty marketing. Regardless of its popularity, LastPass was the protagonist (or antagonist?) in the most alarming security breach incident in 2021, when an unauthorized party stole customer account data and sensitive vault data.

Investments can be good and bad. Always do your research and trust reliable services only. We are doing our best in helping you with this. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to live normally without essential tools, as discussed above. These tools make communication easier, keep your loved ones safe and secure, and help in the proper and effective management of your job and other responsibilities. The Lifetime tools will significantly save you time, headaches, and money.


Written by Rafael Pashamov, 2023