pCloud Honest Review

pCloud Honest Review – Summary

It is fair to say that pCloud is a late arrival to the online storage market when you consider that they only launched in 2013. This has worked to their advantage in some respects as they have been able to assess the offerings of others and develop their solution to meet the needs of both personal and business users.

Based in Switzerland, pCloud now have 4 million account holders worldwide and this number continues to grow rapidly. They pride themselves on the fact that they provide an easy to use cloud storage solution that meets the needs of everyone.

When you dig a bit deeper into the pricing plans and ease of use of the site you may be pleasantly surprised to see what they have to offer. Their solutions are certainly competitive. We have assessed the various features of pCloud and bring you the highlights from this young and growing company.


Like many cloud storage providers, pCloud has many features some which are more prominent than others. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • The file management system allows you to enter the name of the file you are looking for in a search bar at the top of the mobile or desktop website. Rather than searching through lists of files you can simply find what you are looking for quickly.
  • Unlimited capabilities for your data – upload any type of file regardless of size or type.
  • Generate upload and download links to share with others who need to collaborate on projects or view and amend files.
  • Instantly synchronise files between the cloud and your desktop or mobile device and access these files from any device.
  • TSL/SSL encryption is used to securely store files with files stored on at least 3 different servers to ensure your data is never lost.
  • Free pricing plan – probably one of the best available from any cloud storage provider, this 20GB forever plan is everything a user could possibly need for their personal data.
  • Public Folder functionality (same as abandoned by Dropbox!)
  • pCloud Rewind – easy restore your account from crypto viruses, malwares or simply to the previous state of your account.
  • Set password and expiration date for download links. Full stats is available as well.

Ease of Use

From pricing plans to contacting support, the pCloud site is easy to use from whatever device you are using. On the desktop or on the mobile the site is intuitive, easy to find your way around and easy on the eye. If you prefer to use an app you can download pCloud’s app from both the App Store and Google Play.

From signing up as a new user to actively using the site on a day to day basis for regular tasks you don’t need to be an expert to use the site. As it syncs all your files you can get on with other tasks knowing that everything is stored safely and securely.


There are 3 varied pricing plans with pCloud and they all have something to offer different levels of users. Starting with the 10GB FREE pricing plan the non-time limited plan offers other benefits which aren’t as great as with the paid for plans but features include having access to deleted files for 15 days.

Stepping up to a paid for plan you will find that there are two solutions available. First up is the 500GB Premium plan with 30 days to access deleted files and 30 days of file change history. Other features of this plan include password protected share links and a dedicated account manager.

The top package available from pCloud is the 2TB Premium Plus package with 30 days of access to deleted files, download/upload link statistics, a dedicated account manager and Live Chat Support.

Pricing is in USD and monthly costs are $3.99 for the Premium and $7.99 per user for the Premium Plus. If you want to try pCloud for business for free before committing to a subscription there is the option to sign up for a 30-day free trial.


Tired of renewing your Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box monthly payment? It’s time to buy a lifetime cloud storage space from a reputed company pCloud. They started to offer industry-first lifetime plan.

Currently, pCloud offers 2 plans for pCloud lifetime storage buyers. 500 GB lifetime space for just $125 and 2 TB space for just $250.


Security is a priority to the pCloud team and they are committed to providing a secure and encrypted solution for their 4 million users and their data. With so much nervousness around the storage of data online it is a priority for most online cloud storage providers to reassure their users that their security and encryption services won’t lead to their data being compromised. They use the TSL/SSL data encryption used by their peers and financial institutions and the military. All data is secured on at least 3 servers so in the unlikely event that something should go wrong with one of their servers there is plenty of backup. If you subscribe to pCloud Crypto then you can choose to have your most important, sensitive and confidential data which means that no-one other than you will have access to the data.


Whilst you won’t see the word ‘support’ when you search, you will see a ‘request help’ link at the bottom of the site. Once you click on this you are greeted by a page that allows you to contact support by sending them an e-mail. This option is available to all whether a paid account holder or a member using a free plan. Once you do take advantage of a Premium Plan you get access to a dedicated account manager and with the Premium Plus, Live Support.

As well as being able to e-mail a member of the pCloud support team you will also be able to search for answers to common problems in the help centre.


So what is the verdict when it comes to pCloud as an online data storage solution? Do they tick all the boxes and keep up with their more established counterparts or do they still have some way to go to catch up? Well, we think they are a good all-rounder with many strings to their bow. Their late entry into the marketplace will have seen them learn from those around them. To help you make up your mind we have rounded up some of the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.


  • Plans to suit all including a very generous 20GB free plan with no conditions. As well as this free plan their Premium business plans have plenty to offer smaller businesses.
  • Data is secured and backed up on 3 servers to ensure that should anything go wrong your data is stored several times plus uses the best encryption possible
  • Unlike many providers pCloud don’t try and hide their support function. Not only does any member have the facility to email support, for those who hold a premium account they have a dedicated account manager and with a plus account access to Live Support.
  • The site is easy to use, easy to navigate and compatible with all mainstream devices and programs.
  • Deleted files are accessible for a period of time so if you decide you actually need something you can restore it.
  • Lifetime plans
  • Tons of features


  • No phone support
Ease Of Use

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