Running out of digital space in 2023. Data storage scarcity trends.

Exponential data creation growth

Data creation is booming during the last few years. It is reported that 92% of the whole Internet data has been created in the last 2 years alone. 

If not already, you might be running out of storage space very soon. Files are becoming bigger and bigger due to social media platforms such as YouTube and their counterparts. People are creating more and deleting fewer files nowadays.

Big Data Statistics are scary to look at 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created daily. That’s 1.5 trillion MB per day. A trillion has 12 zeroes, just FYI.


Mobile and Desktop storage scarcity

Most smartphones come with very limited storage space. Laptops come with more space, but similarly to mobile devices, they become pricier with more local storage. The average purchase of a Laptop is associated with 500 GB of Hard Drive.

The average iPhone purchases are for the 128 GB disk space versions, which might be less than one could imagine.

People get attached to their photos and videos while storing music is always present on any device. These file types are the ones that take up most of our personal disk space on any computer or smartphone. Apple products seamlessly integrate with their native cloud storage service which solves this situation partially. Bare in mind that not everybody is lucky enough to get their hands on one.

Some professions require working on larger files, especially if you are in the movie-making field or any video-related profession. Regardless of your career, storage space is easily melting down even for the average IoT device lover. Data consumption and generation reports are alarming of an upcoming event, often comedically cited as “Datageddon”, since physical hard drives are no longer capable of withstanding the sizeable amounts of files that need to be stored somewhere.

On average, more than 1 TB of space is needed per IoT device user or modern-day laptop user. Clearly, this conflicts with the above-stated 

Cloud Storage could be the answer

Cyber Security specialists and Technology visionaries state that cloud storage is not only here to stay, but is the new way computing and the Internet should be envisioned.

With the exponential increase in data generation, cloud storage services might also have to find a way to be more green energy-oriented, to lower electricity costs and CO2 emissions. But that’s a problem for another day.

On a lower scale, focusing on a single individual, it is calculated that 2 TB of storage space for average use might suffice, provided that you do not fall into the category of 59% of people who need more than 4 TB due to their chosen career path.

You must always pay attention to your file creation habits. A good Backup option for your smartphone or computer would help you clear disk space. Your device will thank you immediately since it can operate better with more local storage.

Cloud storage is a very sustainable way to protect and Backup your files. Reliable cloud services come with robust security and collaboration tools which could also help you improve your digital life. Ideally, a good cloud storage provider lets you access and share your files anywhere you go, anytime, from any device in the most secure way. Effortlessly.

Aside from offering a rather stress-free and time-preserving experience, cloud storage is relatively affordable, compared to external drive options, which would not even let you access your data on demand.

2 TB is considered a good starting point when choosing your cloud storage plan. Make sure that the service blends well with your smartphone and computer, to use the cloud to its max capacity.

Services like pCloud offer seamless integration on all devices and OS types. The best part about pCloud is that it pioneered an unmatched pricing model called Lifetime. It simply asks the user to pay only once, while keeping their cloud storage for 99 years. 

Other names worth mentioning are Dropbox and Although lacking in their pricing models, they offer good file transfer speed and reliable protection.

Keep in mind that Digital Products have started increasing prices and most subscription-based services might not be as cost-effective as before. I am a strong believer in investing and getting a Lifetime plan is the best option to secure a lifelong beneficial investment without fear of a price increase.


 Written by Rafael Pashamov, 2023