Should I Tresorit? Hmmm..

You’ve probably read about a million times already how every cloud storage provider is safe and secure. But surely, there is a difference from security to, well, SECURITY. You’ll understand, when you read on, surely it will be worth your time.

So here’s the deal, Tresorit is a cloud storage service I came upon recently. What impressed me the most about it, was the fact that it boasts with its unbreakable secure file storing system. They even offer prize money, if you’re able to hack their system. But in reality, if you’re good at something, there are other things, in which you aren’t.
Tresorit has some good functions. They aren’t anything phenomenal, but one can’t deny their usefulness.
Design: Call me shallow but this is something I really take into consideration when reviewing just about anything. However you look at it, Tresorit’s design is awesome. It’s minimalistic and it’s easy to work with. There’s nothing I found unnecessary.
Security: It’s the main feature of the service, so it’s bound to be effective and working. According to the site, the files you store stay encrypted even after you’ve uploaded them. In other words: even Tresorit’s administrators have no access to them. The service uses AES-256to encrypt data on your device. If that is not secure, I don’t know what is.
Sharing options: While sharing tresors, you can set different access levels: Manager, Editor and Reader. They haverestrictions, which is a nice touch.
Download links: You can send encrypted download links to others, from which they can download your files.
Sync: Although it’s not instant, it’s there. You can sync your tresors with your devices.
Activity log: It’s certainly useful to know who, what, when, where and why has been someone doing with your tresors.
Text editing: You can create, read and edit .txt, .xls, .doc files.
Sooner or later, I had to go into this part and sadly, there are disadvantages to using Tresorit.
Limits, limits, limits! If the title wasn’t descriptive enough, Tresorit has some nasty limitations:
1)File size restriction: Currently, the maximum size of the file you want to upload is 0.5GB.
2)Traffic restriction: The maximum full trafficspeed you can use is 10GB. After that it slows down.
3)Sharelimitation: You can share each one of your tresors maximum 10 times, while you can securely share your links up to 5 people. Furthermore, your files shouldn’t be bigger than 100MB in order to be shared encrypted.
4)Download limitation:You can download 100 times at max.
5)You can only link Tresorit to 4 devices.
No basic editing options: I know I’m getting trivial mentioning this, but when I tried to copy, move, or even rename my tresors from the mobile application, well BUMMER, I couldn’t. I’m sorry but you can offer text editing options, but no general ones?! Who does this?
File formats: As far as I know, you can only work with limited formats. I would have loved to be able to view other types of files also.
No password recovery: Since Tresorit is all about security, only you know your account passcode and if you forget it, well too bad. The cloud storage provideroffers you the chance to recreate your account, but either way, your information will be lost.
Verdict is: 

Tresorit is surely a refreshing cloud storage provider. It has an intuitive design and some cool features. However though, it also contains a lot of limitations, which downgrade my experience. I’m not sure if it’s the right provider for me, but I’d
recommendit to anyone, who doesn’t have a lot to store but needs functionality.


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