The importance of backing up

Many people learn the hard way the importance of backing up. Hard drives fail, flash drives get lost, servers can be damaged, there is also the possibility of theft or computer crashes.

That is why in the last few years we hear more and more about backing up – the files get bigger and so does their importance. In today’s high-tech world where everything is digital and threatened by spyware and viruses, the danger of data loss is bigger than ever before.

There are numerous ways to back up your data, but one of them stands among the crowd as the most promising method – the cloud back up.

There are many beliefs that back up to cloud is not the best option, but storing your data offsite is one of the most secure ways to protect it. Besides, cloud storage back up is easy, safe and fast. And doesn’t cost much, having in mind that they store and protect all of your projects, photos, videos, etc..

Many cloud storage services provide free space, but it depends on your specific needs. Online cloud storages provide much more than only backing up and storage for your data. There are also possibilities such as synchronizing folders with your other computers and mobile devices; generating links for files so you can share them with friends and coworkers; a web view and mobile apps so you can be with your files anytime, anywhere.

So which is the best online cloud back up for you? That’s exactly the answer we’re going to look for here at

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