How To Download Torrents Directly To The Cloud

Torrents Downloads to the Cloud – Practical Guide

Download torrents directly to the cloud is the safest and faster way to stream torrent contents anywhere and anytime. makes it possible to download torrents directly to your pCloud cloud storage account. This simple tutorials will guide you through the steps to connect to your pCloud account (or any supported cloud storage provider like DropBox, Google Drive, etc)

You have heard of Dropbox, Google Drive, pCloud, etc. Most likely, you also have a cloud storage app installed on your phone and who’s to blame you. Cloud storage is simply convenient and more available by the hour. Today, you can choose between hundreds options, both free and paid. review and tutorials

Although it might be enough for you to use your as a warehouse for your photos, movies, documents and other digital files, cloud storage is capable of a lot more.

In this post, I’ll talk about how you can utilize your cloud storage service to download torrents fast and definitely a lot easier.

Why Download Torrents Directly To The Cloud

Many people enjoy downloading movies, software, games and music from across the web so that they can view their favorite media anytime they want.

The problem, though, is that downloading files from the internet can be an issue for mobile devices. Plus, even when you access them from a computer, you can’t avoid the risk of getting a virus.

A challenge that you will face with mobile devices is that they often have a limited amount of data that you can use each month, so downloading files to smartphones and tablets is not always possible.

After enlisting the services of Transfercloud, you will have the power to download torrents to account, not your device.

In addition to faster download speeds, you can also stream torrents from your account to any device.

On one side you have the file sharing protocol ‘bittorrent’ and ‘torrent files’ through which you download content. On the other side, you have cloud storage – the unlimited space, where you can keep all your files.

On first sight, it seems almost impossible to connect the two.

What would you usually do if you wanted to move your torrent in the cloud?

Normally, to download a file from the BitTorrent network, you need a Torrent client, like µTorrent, qBittorrent or other. The software must be installed and run on your computer, raising some concerns regarding your privacy and security.

You would have to download your files first to your computer, then take those files and upload them again, wasting both your upload and download bandwidth. Also, most ISPs limit their uploads speeds, so you are limited by the slowest one!

With Transfercloud’s easy integration with the BitTorrent network, you can download any Torrent file. You will never need to worry about malware, and you will be able to download any file faster than you once thought possible.

Our days are dynamic. We’re constantly on the go and most often, we would like to spend our time NOT waiting for slow magnetic downloads. It would be so much more convenient to just download torrent files directly to your cloud account, and luckily – there is a way. For Easy And Safe Torrent Download

transfer download torrent to the cloud is a convenient service, which enables users to automatically download torrent files to their cloud storage accounts.

Unlike similar services like BitTorrent and uTorrent, downloads the content directly onto the company servers and immediately afterwards syncs it between your cloud storage accounts.

No time wasted and no local disk space needed. You can download torrents when you’re home, from the office or even the park.

The service is really simple to use.

You can register for a 7-day trial, which gives you unlimited transfer speed. You can download 10 files, which are less than 3 GB per day.

Every time you log in, you will see your Dashboard. You can either paste your torrent link at the dedicated bar, or upload your torrent directly. Once you got that ready, you can start your download immediately.

You’ll be able to see your ongoing downloads in the Active Transfers section and you will be able to edit or delete your torrents there.

My files, which you can find in your Dashboard is where you can create folders and organize all of your complete downloads.

How To Set Up pCloud Cloud Storage With

Here’s how you can set up your pCloud storage account with

Step 1: Open your profile and go to the Cloud section
You will see a list of all the cloud storage apps you can use with the service. Currently, has integrated only a few cloud apps officially, but you can still access your other accounts through WebDav and FTP (if they support it, of course).

Add new cloud service to transfer

Step 2: Choose your cloud storage service
In my example, I use pCloud. The cloud storage service is one of my personal favorites, and among all the perks it offers, is its WebDav support.

Go to the pCloud in the list of cloud sync options and click on Add.

Step 3: Enter your credentials
This step is pretty self-explanatory. After you choose your service of choice and click Add, you will be redirected to a page, where you will be required to enter your cloud storage login credentials.

Step 4: Save your torrents in the cloud
Once you’ve covered step 3, it’s time to start saving torrents directly to your cloud storage account.

Return to your Dashboard. From the Add Torrents window, click on “Add Cloud Savepoint” . I am using pCloud’s WebDav support, so I will choose the service as my savepoint.

Now every torrent I download will be automatically synced with pCloud.

So, the torrent file was copied super fast, easy and secure to your pCloud account.

You can download the file, share it, stream it (from your computer, tablet or phone), whatever is your choice

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How pCloud Works And Benefits

pCloud has been in the market for a while and is a personal favorite. The service is a perfect blend between great features and top-notch security.

It starts with up to 20 GB of storage for free. It is currently the fastest provider on the market, claiming download and upload speed 5 times faster than competing services like Dropbox.

One of the great things about the service is the desktop app – pCloud Drive.

It works as a virtual drive on the user’s device so basically I can have up to 2 TB extra for my laptop, which I can use to save and edit files.

Currently, pCloud has apps for all major desktop and mobile operating systems, which makes access to my digital collection super convenient.

If you’re interested in checking pCloud out, don’t hesitate to do so!



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