The Best Way To Save Any YouTube Video Directly To The Cloud

Save YouTube Video

Who doesn’t love YouTube? It’s your on-demand makeup coach, life hack tutorial guide and basically the better version of television in the 21st century. Unfortunately, it was only designed to let you watch great videos to your heart’s content.

It’s not as easy to download your favorite YouTube videos to your computer.

The good news is that there are helpful web tools that can help you save your favorite video content. In this practical guide, I’ll show you one of the best ways to download YouTube videos to the cloud and access them from any device, using pCloud Save.

pCloud Save

pCloud is a cloud storage service and recently, it announced its new browser extension for saving web files – pCloud Save.

The extension allows you to upload images, text content and video, directly to the service from a button in the right-click context menu. Conveniently, it also works for YouTube videos.

Here’s how:
#1 Sign up for pCloud and download the browser extension
In order to start saving web files to pCloud, you’ll need to register for the service. You can do that from Enter an email address that you can verify later and a password and you’re set.
pCloud download videos
After your account is ready, download the pCloud Save browser extension. Currently, pCloud Save is available for Chrome and Firefox. After your extension is installed, log into your pCloud account.
Youtube video on the cloud
#2 Paste your video URL to a YouTube video downloader
Go to the YouTube page which has the video you want to save. Copy the URL address and paste it on any online YouTube downloader. In my example, I use
Easy way to download videos to the cloud with pCloud#3 Use pCloud Save
Like in the case with most YouTube downloaders, paste your copied YouTube video URL in the dedicated bar and convert. When the online video downloading tool converts your video:

  • Right-click on the converted video Download button
  • Select Save to pCloud from the Download button

Download YouTube videos to the cloud
That’s all there’s to it!

When your YouTube video is uploaded, you’ll get a notification from pCloud. Click on it, and it will lead you to the exact location of the YouTube content you just saved.

Visit pCloud


Bonus: Video player

pCloud has a number of cool features. One of them is the integrated video player. You can easily play every video you saved with the extension directly from the service. No need to download it again or use other software.
Youtube Videos Download to the cloud

To Sum Up

So far, this is one of the best ways I’ve found to download any YouTube video, without getting into too much trouble.

The process is simple and time saving. You can download pCloud Save for Chrome and Firefox from their respective app stores or from pCloud’s official website.

When you sign up to pCloud, you get 10 GB of free storage for your files.

You can get another extra 10 GB by following their bonus system. The service has a desktop solution called pCloud Drive and a mobile app for Android and iOS. As a result, you can access every video you downloaded from any device, any time you want.