Backing your files to SurDoc – Are you sure?


According to their official website, this us-based cloud storage service doesn’t have access to the files you’ve stored. To find out how this works and if SuDoc is the right platform for you, read on the full review!

SurDoc is yet another generous cloud storage service that boasts with its total security, when it comes to users’ files, for which I’m going to go into further detail later in this review.
Signing up:
You have a number of ways to join SurDoc – With Facebook, Outlook, Yahoo, Google+ or by creating a special account (which I personally recommend).
Upon signing up, you get 100GB of free space you can upgrade to 1TB with the company’s referral system. Furthermore, you have a choice between US or Chinese data centers to store your files in. After you’ve written in your account details and an additional security question you’ll be able to start using your personal cloud space, though, not fully and for long. If you don’t verify your account within a 24 hour period after you’ve joined the community, it will become inaccessible.
Uploading files:
Your SurDoc profile comes with 4 preset folders: My received files, My public files, SurDoc universal sync, Recycle bin. You can delete them at any time, although I wouldn’t advise you to do so.
To upload your files, you can either drag&drop them or use the “Upload” button. Don’t count on a fast upload, though. The speed, at which your files will be backed up is disappointingly slow, especially if you’ve selected multiple small sized files. Be also prepared that after uploaded, there will be times your data will mysteriously disappear for a couple of seconds, before reappearing.
Editing and signing documents:
These features can be considered as SurDoc’s trump card Like the title says, you can open, edit and sign all the documents you’ve stored in the cloud. And all of this is possible thanks to an advanced document processing technology called VisiDoc, which converts your documents into images. Although it does most of what it’s meant for, exporting your files in a pdf format is an editng option in name only as none of the times I tried did it work.
Level of security:
SurDoc encrypts the data you’ve stored with the so called TruPrivacy technology it introduced in 2012. The method uses a unique encryption key with every new file you backup. This encryption key is again chiphered before going to the server, making it impossible to the service provider to see what’s the essence of the file. However, there is more to this than meets the eye. Even though SurDoc has made it clear that it is unable to see your stored information, another user, who owns the same file can calculate the encryption key, therefore having the ability to see your files. This said, you should be careful to whom you’ve given access to them.
Up to 1TB of free space
File security with TruPrivacy
Slow upload speed
Loggin in problems (You’ll find that to access your SurDoc account, you’ll have to press the “Sign in” button at least a million times before actually getting a result)
Export PDF option not working
Final verdict is:
Provided you value big amounts of cloud storage and have a lot of free time to wait for your files to upload, I believe that SurDoc is the service for you.


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