Storage over security, is Pogoplug’s the right service for you?


Recover everything if your phone or computer is lost or broken.”
This is the first thing that you are to read when you open Pogoplug’s official website. For a person like me, who reviews cloud storage services most of the time, it’s important to know that there is a real purpose to talk about the service. Backing up your data seems to be the storage provider’s main pride, so I’ll be talking about how good it actually is.

The backup provider offers a 15GB free planwith the ability to add up 10GB by sharing the word through Facebook.Provided you don’t like to spam your friends, a good deal is Pogoplug’s premium plan, which includes unlimitted space for a monthly fee of $4.95 or $49.95 if you want a year-round subscribtion. Joining the service doesn’t require exceptional efforts as well. You can either sign in with your Facebook account or create a personal Pogoplug one with your email address and a password.
Uploading files:
Saving up your data to the cloud can be done in a number of ways, including a web application, a desktop client or mobile version of the online backup:
If you decide that you want to use Pogoplug web to upload your files, you can either drag&drop them, back them up manually or send them to However, if you don’t want to wreck your nerves along the process, I’d recommend you try drag&drop-ing, because unfortunately the email address Pogoplug’s given doesn’t work, and saving them to the cloud manually may take quite a bit of your time. 
To make things seemingly easier, Pogoplug has dedicated a desktop client with automatic backup options. Saving up your information and optionally restoring it to another device is basically what it does, so don’t expect some amazing features to pop out unknowingly. You can choose to backup only certain folders or your whole PC, depending on your preference. 
Pogoplug’s availability doesn’t end here, as the cloud storage provider maintains full-featured mobile applications for Android iOS and Windows phone users. If you decide to use it instead of the aforementioned options, you can also add up your contacts and messages to the saved data.
Level of security:
Having so much options for databackup, security questions and concerns are bound to come to mind. Pogoplug claims that it uses AES-256 to encrypt stored information and is TRUSTe certified, which at first glance seems secure enough. Withal, if you take some time to read their privacy policy, there are two paragraphs that make you reconsiderhow secure your files actually are with the service
 The thought of a third party application having my information at their disposal makes me feel uncomfortable and the fact that even after canceling my account, the provider will keep copies of my files ads up a whole lot, whatsoever .
Amount of free cloud storage
Pogoplug backup
Mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows phone
Lack of adequate security
Bad upload functionality
Final verdict is:
Pogoplug has a fair amount of free storage to give and paying for unlimitted space won’t empty your waller. However, I’d personally be wary of the information I store there, as safety doesn’t necessarily mean security.

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