Choosing the Best Cloud Storage for Your Business

Almost all of us have some files that we want to be stored on our computers. We have documents, pictures, songs and anything that needs saving, we keep them on our computers. The challenge comes when our computers catch viruses and accidentally deletes all these important documents. There is nothing more to do but to avoid this from happening in the future.

Another solution to this is to create a duplicate of all the files and have it stored in an area where it will be safe enough and it must be something big enough to accommodate all the saved files. This is made possible with cloud storage.

Get to Know Cloud

Cloud storage is an online storage space wherein the size is large enough to accommodate any file of any size. It is stored in the vastness of the World Wide Web. Users may be a bit worried since it is stored in an area where it is accessed by almost anybody and from anywhere. Not to worry since cloud security is ensured through data encryption.
Data is encrypted as soon as it is being transferred and duplicated for online storing. Encrypted cloud storage is the essence when it comes to security.

Before getting any cloud storage providers, it is best to know the different features that it has to offer. Here are some of the things to consider before getting one:

  1. Creates different versions of your files. This happens when you make some editing on your files. The cloud storage should not replace the previous file that was stored, but it will create a different version. This will keep you on track of the changes that you made to your original file.There are cloud service providers that only accommodate a certain number of versions and delete the previously stored files. They get deleted at a given time and when it reaches a number of versions. No need to worry as those deleted files can be retrieved as another feature that the service provider can offer.
  2. Automatic syncing of files should be another feature to look into. As you update your files, the files that were stored will immediately be updated as well. No need to manually update your stored files. There are cloud providers that do not have this feature and it can be a challenge especially for those who are on the go and update their files on a regular basis.
  3. It has to have a collaboration feature. This allows you to share files with colleagues as long as you grant them the access to your files. This allows you to send large files or small files through email or through a direct link.There are service providers that allow you to create passwords for your files to ensure that it is shared only with authorized users. When picking out a personal storage space be sure that it allows sharing with other users to enable you to share your files.
  4. Retrieve, edit and save files which are the basic feature of cloud storage and it must be delivered by the provider. This is for this reason why people get the services of cloud storage since it brings them the assurance of a duplicated, transferred, edited and saved files without the hassle of doing each process manually.Just be sure that you get a provider that has an automatic syncing feature as some providers require downloading of the files that have to be stored, edit it and re-uploaded them to the cloud storage.
  5. As what was mentioned, security must be your priority and it must be one of the features to look into. This is important especially to those who are using it for business purposes as your business flow and revenue is at stake when security is breached.It must allow you to encrypt files once it leaves the server. There are service providers that allow you to create your own key for encryption to limit the access of your files within authorized individuals only.
  6. The price and the features of the cloud provider should match. You do not want to pay for something without having it satisfy your needs. Choose a service provider that must meet your requirements such as the number of computers you have or the people accessing it. Look for something that will suit you and your business needs.You can start with a free online storage just to have a glimpse of what it has to offer before making an actual subscription. This will lessen the chances of being disappointed with the services that you acquired.
  7. Customer support should be one of their priorities. Not all cloud subscribers are tech savvy. Most get the services for the purpose of their need and not all of them are knowledgeable. That is why customer support must be looked into. The prompt, courteous and knowledgeable reply should be the features to look into when it comes to customer support.Also look for those that offer 24/7 customer support in case you are working during the wee hours. There are chat support, email and even text support that users can use to contact their cloud service provider.


Mentioned are just some of the basic features that must be considered when looking for a cloud service provider. When a provider misses out on one or more of the features, move on and look for another.

With the great demand for cloud storage, users are given the opportunity to choose from among a list of providers each with their features. Comparing features must be the strategy to ensure that you are landing on the right provider with the right features to suit your needs.

You can always go for the free cloud storage in case you are still on the lookout. Later on, if you have decided upon a certain provider, then choose those that come with a monthly fee. Look into the package of each to see if it has what it takes for you to consider it.