pCloud started new Lifetime Family Plan

Christmas is approaching. And as often, you will find yourself in the center of conversations that you do not necessarily want to take part. We will ask you ‘How can I share my photos?’, ‘Why can not I send you this 40-minute movie by email?’, ‘How to transfer photos from my smartphone to my computer’ …

So for Christmas, the best thing you can do is offer a “cloud to your entire family” with the latest pCloud offer. All at a great price for the Christmas holidays!

pCloud: the ultimate cloud service that has a LIFETIME plan

Before going into details, a word on pCloud, this company that is known by offering a fairly innovative online service. No question of paying each month his dime to benefit from your storage space and related services. Registering an account at pCloud is like buying a hard drive online. You pay once and you can enjoy your virtual space for life.

The other advantage of the pCloud offer is that it is not dogmatic, unlike others. Your cloud is accessible and perfectly functional on Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux … No platform is forgotten! Note that the web version is particularly neat and complete.

Concretely, what can be done with pCloud ? Much more than with Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive.

pCloud is:

  • a storage / backup space where you can save all your data. For example, you can recover a file that has been trashed by mistake for a period of 30 days.
  • many sharing options to make files available to your friends or collaborators and / or to work together on the same document
  • a synchronization space to have the same files on all your folders. Unlike other solutions, you can only choose the folder or folders that interest you. Offline mode is also available.
  • a fun space to store all your photos and videos. All your photos / videos taken from your smartphone are automatically sent to your storage
  • an intelligent web extension able to record on your cloud any type of data that you could cross with your browser: movie, video, text portion …
  • all with maximum security so you do not lose any data and they are confidential and accessible only by you.
  • a cloud for the whole family!

So how does this family offer work? It’s very simple indeed! You purchase a storage space (2TB expandable up to 4TB) that you can share with four other users in your family. The administrator has the option to choose the storage size for each member. Family accounts also have the same features as standard Premium accounts.

For the administrator, this offer has many advantages. The first is economic. You only pay for storage space instead of paying for one per family member. Second, if everyone uses the same tools, you are better able to avoid the galleys where each person uses one or more storage spaces here or there. From a security and privacy point of view, it’s also a big plus! Finally, the exchange of data between family members is even easier and easier!

A unique offer for Christmas

On the occasion of the end of the year holidays , pCloud offers an unbeatable offer. You can get a storage space of 2 TB for life for your entire family for 350 €, a reduction of 150 € on the normal price. Hard to remain insensitive to such an offer!