Choosing the Best Personal Cloud Storage

In the modern technological age of the Smartphone and tablet, the way we use technology and gadgets has evolved enormously. Gone are the days of packing several gadgets for your summer holiday. Instead of a camera for the holiday pics, a video recorder to capture those precious moments and having no access to the internet for 2 whole weeks now everything is done from one very small, very smart device. The age of the smartphone means that one device does everything. Devices are now smaller, more compact and have more memory than ever before.

Running out of space

Despite the amazing advances in technology, there is one problem and that is we never seem to have enough storage. For most of us with 16GB phones after we have taken a few pictures and a handful of videos before we know it we have used up the memory. That’s without even considering all the apps and music we store. It’s no surprise that very soon we have run out of space. The only thing left to do is start deleting stuff. But what happens when you have deleted all of the redundant screen grabs and the not so clever selfies you took? Then you need a personal storage solution. Enter the Cloud! The cloud is a great way to store all of your personal data securely and effectively. Simply back up your phone regularly and never have to permanently delete a picture again.

How much space do you need?

Deciding on the best solution for storing your data online can be a minefield. Which provider do you choose? First of all, it’s probably best to consider what you need from a personal storage solution. Many cloud storage providers offer either a free account with limited space or a 14-30 day free trial. With a free account, your options are limited. With the providers that offer 2-3GB of space, this is probably enough for those that don’t undertake heavy usage of their phone. If you take a few snaps here and there then upload them to Facebook and delete them after then you will probably be fine with a small amount of space. If, however you are one of those people that likes to store absolutely everything including the screen grabs you took of the e-mail you were sent, the screen grab of the dress you liked, the selfies you take on a daily basis and the myriad of videos that you captured you are probably going to want to investigate a solution that offers more space.

How secure is the cloud?

When considering how secure your data is you will want to ensure that your chosen provider offers an SSL AES-256 bit data encryption. In a nutshell, this ensures that your data is handled in the same way that financial institutes handle their clients’ data. For many cloud storage providers, this is sufficient security however there are those that go one step further and restrict access to your data to just you and anyone else you authorise to share your data with. Some providers allow members of staff to have access to the data but others take the security very seriously and do not allow this.

How much are you willing to spend?

If you aren’t afraid to pay for your personal online data storage there are many options available to you. The pricing plans vary across the various providers and some of them are much more competitive than others. If you are willing to take the time to read a few reviews and research a few of the plans you will find the ideal solution for you.

How easy is the site to use and is it compatible across multiple devices?

This is an important factor for many. For those that might not be as tech savvy as others, you want to ensure that you can use the platform and that it is compatible with your mobile phone. Many personal cloud storage solutions are to back up data on a mobile phone or tablet. There will be those that want to transfer data from their PC or Mac but much of the time a personal storage solution is needed to back up data on a phone. Ease of use should be a factor that influences who you choose.

Once you have conducted your research and come up with a short list you may find you can’t decide between two or three providers. In that case, and if they all offer free plans or trials, it would be a good idea to give them all a try. Obviously, your own time and convenience will have some impact on this decision but if you want to get a feel for the site nothing beats actually using it.