How to Stop Worrying About Every Password Breach That Comes Along

News of this week’s so-called “mega breach” might deeply trouble you. If so, that means it’s a perfect time to take control of your personal security. Yes, every company should be held responsible for practicing sloppy security, allowing your sensitive data to get into the wrong hands. But at this point, there’s really no reason to trust the bastards to do the right thing.

Roughly 21 million unique passwords were dumped online this week. The users who have little to worry about are the ones who, at the very least, have enabled some type of multi-factor authentication, the simplest being two-factor authentication or “2FA.” Even better off are those who’ve also adopted a reliable password manager, which allows them to create very long, complex, and unique passwords for each site they log into.

How does that work if you use cloud storage provider?

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