Backup is Now Easy with Mega

The New Zealand-based Mega cloud storage service now offers a great file synchronization desktop application called Mega Sync for Windows (Mac and Linux versions are coming soon, or so the Mega developers promise). This new app gives the Mega users direct access to their files stored in the cloud via their computers.

Mega offers robust and exceptionally secure cloud storage using 2048-bit RSA encryption. It also offers a generous free 50GB of storage space. The service’s paid plans are also very reasonable in terms of price/space ratio. You can get up to 4TB secure storage with extended bandwidth.

The Mega security driven features include end-to-end encryption, which means any data stored on its servers becomes encrypted at the point it leaves the user’s device. This encryption, combined with the user’s password, should be resistant enough to force attacks.

Once registered to the Mega, you can start uploading files or folders to the web platform. You can also backup your files by placing them in the Mega folder on your computer, provided that you have installed the Mega Sync desktop application. To do that, download the application from the official website, follow the installation process and sign in to the app. Then, you will get a dedicated Mega folder on your computer, where you can store the files you need to backup using the Mega Sync. The application also appears as an icon at the task bar of your Windows menu. Simply click on it to open the app and view your synchronization process.

Files saved to the Mega folder on your computer will be automatically updated and then encrypted and uploaded to the user’s cloud-based account.

Users can also pause file transfers, view their account information and change the application settings from the Mega Sync.

A peculiar feature, offered by the Mega Sync is the Import Links option.

When you place a Mega link into the Import Links field, you get the following screen, prompting you to specify the location where your file will be stored.

Users are provided with the ability to sync different Mega folders to different local folders via the Syncs tab. A separate Bandwidth tab also allows users to change upload speeds should the automatic settings are inappropriate for the user.

Unlike other cloud services, Mega supports unlimited size of the files you upload. This way it ensures large file transfer at settable upload and download speeds. This way, with the assistance of the Mega Sync desktop application, you can easily backup your valuable files to the generous file storage platform, being sure your data is safe and secure due to the robust file encryption.

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