SugarSync Honest Review

SugarSync Review – Summary

SugarSync was launched in 2008 and like most other tech companies bases itself in California. With millions of users across the world it has some high profile business clients using their reputable online storage solutions plans.

SugarSync’s selling point is the ability to back up your existing folder structure saving up to 5 previous versions of a file. This is something that you don’t get with cloud storage solutions like Dropbox. With a 30 day FREE trial there is ample opportunity to try your chosen plan but make sure you are aware of their pricing structure as they aren’t the lowest prices available however with 5 plans available including their custom plan there is something to suit all requirements.

SugarSync is an extremely easy to use, intuitive cloud storage solution but if you want to dig a bit further then this article aims to bring you the information you need to make a decision about whether this is the right online storage solution for you.


From the moment you arrive on SugarSync’s website it is clear to see the benefits of this site. For a start it is really intuitive and easy to use. It is probably one of the best platforms in terms of ease of use. So what features does SugarSync offer?

  • Instant File Sync Technology
  • Use your existing file structure
  • Access folders from any device
  • Sync multiple devices – sync to the cloud and work offline
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Ios, and Android
  • Share public links and collaborate with shared folders – ideal for working on team projects.
  • Secure data encryption ensuring that your online files are safe and secure.

Ease of Use

SugarSync is possibly one of the easiest online storage solutions available. With an intuitive platform that is compatible with PC, Mac, iOS and Android there are both app and mobile versions of the website meaning you can sync files and access folders on the go.

Sync everything to the cloud and then work offline knowing that as soon as you are connected again your existing file structure will be completely synced.

SugarSync allows to sunc your existing file structure and the backup up to 5 previous versions of a document – no more losing files again – everything you need is stored ready for when you need it.

Not only is the site easy to use but it has that look about it that engages the user and makes it easy to navigate it. You only have to land on the site to see what we mean. It is clean, criss, simple and inviting, all too often sites can look too busy and put off potential users.


It’s no secret that SugarSync isn’t the cheapest online storage solution available. It’s perhaps not as competitive as it could be but the ease of use and features means that it has over a million users worldwide which is no mean feat.

There is a 30 day free trial – this is clearly flagged up on the home page of the site – simply choose the plan you want to trial and start enjoying your 30 day trial period.

There are 3 pricing plans aimed at individuals these 3 plans all carry different levels of online storage space

  • 100GB – $7.49 per month
  • 250GB – $9.99 per month
  • 500GB – $18.95 per month

For businesses there are 2 options available the first of which is the 1000GB plan giving the account holder up to 3 users, admin control, live phone support and Remote Wipe Computers. A Custom plan is available on request and offers the facility to have 10+ users.

All of the plans are subject to a 30 day, no risk, free trial which means that the user can choose a plan that they want to try and if it’s too much or not enough they can choose to downgrade before committing to a subscription.


Now the security data encryption used by many cloud storage solution providers may mean nothing to the individual.

The main concern is whether your pictures and sensitive folders are vulnerable to attack or safe from prying eyes. The simplest way to explain the security measures used is to explain that SugarSync and many other cloud storage solutions use the same data encryption as used by banks and the military.

This is known as an SSL AES-256 bit encryption and is the most secure protection that you can get. Files are transferred using something called TLS – Transport Layer Security and stored in an encrypted format in the cloud. This is the same level of security you get when making an online transaction.


If you are new to the site and wish to make an enquiry there is a sales support number clearly visible in the top right hand corner of the site.

Should you require aftercare support, tech support or have a billing enquiry you need to be logged in to the site. It is not easy to find a direct line to support if you aren’t logged in although there is a fantastic support center. This help center gives you the answers to many common problems.

The help center is really well laid out into categories that allow you to search by the subject you require. There are also forums available where you can chat to other SugarSync users and search previous conversations. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the Help Center, forums or FAQ’s you will need to log in and raise a support request.

Once you have a business plan you have access to live phone support but unless logged in it isn’t easy to find a direct line to contact a member of SugarSync’s support team.


Is SugarSync the cloud storage solution for you or are you still undecided? We recap with a few pros and cons to see if this helps you to decide.


  • Ease of use – Billed as one of the easier to use cloud storage solutions, SugarSync is intuitive and well laid out. It is easy to navigate and easy on the eye.
  • Compatible with multiple devices – PC, Mac, iOS and Android compatible you can operate, access and sync across all devices for ease of use and easy to access files.
  • Plans specific to business and individuals. A variety of plans taking into account all levels of usage and cloud storage space required.
  • Security transfer and encryption of files with an SSL AES-256 bit data encryption. Ensure that your files are transferred and encrypted making them safe from security threats.
  • Help Center – a great user friendly place to find the answers to many questions as well as a forum to enable users to talk to each other.


  • Pricing – Not the most competitive of pricing structures and perhaps the addition of less space for less money would be a welcome addition. There is no free plan apart from the option of a free 30 day trial.
  • Support – although there is a fantastic help center it does seem hard to find a number or an e-mail address to contact someone in support unless you are logged in.


Ease Of Use