All your memories, HD video collections and projects in one secure place for a lifetime.

Do you know the phrase “The shoemaker’s wife and the blacksmith’s horse often go unshod.”?

Well I clearly have the hassle with computers, servers (we just migrated our website on a new machine because of bad hard disk), hard drives, mobile phones, in short everything that touches near or far to the computer.

After the crash of the main hard drive of my desktop computer, I bought an external backup disk. 2 years later this one also stopped working and of course I had no guarantee for data recovery …

Since then for security I started backing up all my archives in the Cloud. Of course, for large volumes of data I have to turn to paid solutions whose subscriptions must be renewed every month or every year …

While preparing a comparison of cloud storage solutions (which I have not yet finalized) I came across an original and economical solution proposed by pCloud.

PCloud is pretty similar to Dropbox with companion software (iPhone, Android, PC, Mac), up to 20Gb free storage, web interface, data encryption service and everything you would expect from this type of service.

But pCloud also offers a pricing plan for which I fell and which should seduce quite a lot of liberal professions, freelancers (and also geeks quite simply):
a lifetime offer with fixed and final price!

PCloud offers 2TB of lifetime online storage paid once and for for all for $250 — the offer pCloud Lifetime Premium Plus makes it possible to buy the equivalent of a 2TB hard drive hosted on the cloud.

I know what you’re going to tell me: external hard disks of this capacity cost about the same price in SSD and cheaper in conventional hard drives. Except in case of loss, theft or malfunction, you will have almost no chance of recovering your sensitive data and as well you will have to take that your external drive everywhere with you, which is not always practical … This service is therefore like a Network-attached storage (NAS) , without having to deal with any configuration and in addition with 180 days of file retrieval history.

Bottom line: if you are looking for a reliable and cost saving backup system for your small business, pCloud is a solution to seriously consider.
Lifetime plan is revolutionary as it gives everyone the chance to invest in a secure storage solution and eliminate the risk of losing files to external drives.