Tresorit Honest Review

Tresorit Review – Summary

Tresorit is a European based cloud storage solution provider with an absolute emphasis, above all else on security. It’s hardly surprising then when you learn how the company came to be. When co-founder, Itvan Lam received a cryptology book for his 12th birthday it was the start of his quest to provide secure, online storage for his personal digital data. Fast forward to today and now Tresorit is a well-established online storage provider with 50 employees. Their quest for security is still at the forefront of what they do and they challenge anyone to defy them and successfully hack the site (a feat which has yet to be accomplished).

Whilst they may not be competing with the big boys when it comes to cloud services, security is what they do extremely well. We look a little deeper into what Tresorit are all about and bring you a review of their services and whether this is the cloud storage solution for your personal or business requirements.



Above all else one of the key features of Tresorit’s cloud online storage is security. The site is a constant reminder that they take the security of data very seriously and every feature tends to mention something about security. What other features does this provider have to offer?

• Compatible with and accessible from PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.


• Remote Mobile Wipe should you lose a device or become compromised.

• Reduce the need for e-mail and large attachments using file sharing with remote control.

• Businesses have the option to roll back and look at previous versions of files.

• Best in class privacy and security with great emphasis placed upon keeping their user’s data safe.

• Files stored under Swiss privacy laws which provide greater protection than US or EU law


Ease of Use

Tresorit, like many cloud storage solution providers, is easy to use both for personal and business. Not only can you sync files from you laptop or PC but also across all compatible devices using IOS and Android. File sharing is quick and easy and more importantly secure. If you want a data storage solutions that is convenient, easy to use on the go and compatible with multiple devices then Tresorit is a good choice.




For those who prefer to use cloud storage solutions for their own personal use like storing pictures or documents, there is a free plan. Now not all cloud storage providers provide a free account for storing personal data although it is not widely publicised it does offer 3GB of storage. Now this is slightly more than a free Dropbox account and is ample for the individual wanting to free up space on their mobile but anything else and you may need to upgrade to the next account as your data will stop being synced.

When you look at the pricing plans on their site you will see that there are just two. One for small business and then a custom account for Enterprises. There is an option for solo traders for freelancers who need a more custom solution for storing their data, though.


Security is what Tresorit are all about. Every part of their site mentions security, data encryption, safe file transfer, the protection of information and anything else that is associated with the security of a cloud storage solution. Their ethos is all about keeping their clients’ data stored securely and without compromise. In fact, the company was born of one of the co-founders passion for cryptology. The company name Tresorit comes from the word Tresor which means vault – files are stored in these Tresors (folders)

So confident are Tresorit that their site cannot be hacked that they offered up a prize to anyone that could break into the site and access information. No-one was able to rise to the challenge and Tresorit still remains a safe and secure way to transfer and store data. Whilst many companies allow their employees access to the data no-one at Tresorit has access. The only people that can see your data is you and the people that you choose to share it with.



The company is only 50 people strong – many of these are in important roles and far too busy to engage directly with customers. This would perhaps indicate the lack of support options available on their website. When you look at the site support isn’t very forthcoming in fact you have to scroll to the bottom of the website to find a support option. Then you are only presented with a questions box. There doesn’t seem to be an option to speak to a human being. If you are a business user there is access to a dedicated phone line but support isn’t readily available and if you wanted a specific question answered in a hurry you may be disappointed.

In their defence there is a library of ‘how to’ videos available on the site – you will find around 30 videos showing you how to perform certain actions.


If you are suspicious of storing yours or your client’s sensitive information on a cloud of any type then you may feel a little bit better once you read Tresorit’s stance on security. But what is the verdict and what will help you make up your mind about this cloud storage provider? Let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • Ease of use – It is an easy to use, simple and functional site that is compatible across all devices.
  • Free plan – unlike many cloud storage solutions there aren’t many options if you want to store personal information. If you want the ability to just clear the data off of your phone without losing photos then you only need a few GIGs which is exactly what Tresorit provide with their 3GB free solution. Another nice touch is that they offer a Freelancer solution. As freelancing becomes a more popular way of working around the globe, the fact that they have thought of this puts them ahead of the curve in some respects.
  • Security, security, security! – Yes, we have put the emphasis on security because that is exactly what they do. The secure transfer and encryption of data are their priority and they make sure that they provide exactly that. Their confidence in their ability to provide a secure environment for storing personal and business data certainly makes them a contender for best in class in this field.


  • Support – As we mentioned above there is a lack of support from this data storage provider. Sure there is the option to enter queries into a help box but unless you have a business account you won’t be able to reach anybody on the phone.
  • File recovery – Unfortunately, there is no deleted file recovery option. If you inadvertently delete something, unfortunately, it is gone forever.
  • Limited options for personal users – it’s clear to see that Tresorit is aiming at the corporate market. This is evident in the amount of options available for business users and the limitations put on personal cloud storage accounts.


Ease Of Use