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Sync Review – Summary

In a nutshell, there is lots to like about Immediately upon arriving on the site it is clear to see what the site is all about and what it has to offer. This online data storage provider was founded in 2011, which was much later than their rivals. Surprisingly it was founded as a solution for their other business, Netfirms, to store their data securely without giving access to a third party. Knowing what they wanted from an online storage facility appears to have given them an advantage when developing their system. They appear to have assessed the pros and cons of what other cloud storage providers were offering, considering their own requirements, and taken the best of all the various features and combined them to offer what looks to be a solid solution.

As well as ease of use and manageability their commitment to privacy is a top priority and they, like some of the other security conscious cloud storage providers, have a Zero Knowledge policy which gives only the person with the keys access to their data. Their pricing is also one of the most competitive available.



It’s not hard to find the features of As soon as you land on their home page the navigation is simple and whether on mobile or desktop it is easy to find your way around. So let’s take a look at their features –

  • Accessiblity from any device or computer.
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Offline access to your files.
  • 5GB of storage completely FREE with no expiry.
  • If you want to share a file with someone they don’t need to have a Sync account.
  • Create share folders and collaborate with others.
  • Real time backup and disaster recovery.
  • Zero knowledge privacy and end to end data encryption
  • E-mail Support.


Ease of Use is certainly easy on the eye. From the moment you arrive at the site one of the first things you see is an invitation to sign up for a free 5GB account with no time limits. As long as you are an account holder you get your 5GB account absolutely free. From the home page, it is so easy to navigate your way around the site. Whether on the desktop version or the mobile friendly version it is easy to find what you are looking for from pricing plans to information about security and support.

As well as the desktop and mobile versions of the website there is also an app available for both Android and ioS. Again the app versions are easy to use and with a 5GB free storage plan ideal for those who want to use this site for personal cloud storage.


Did we already mention the free 5GB storage plan? Yes, we probably did but we can’t talk about pricing without mentioning it again. Simply sign up to an account with either from your desktop or phone and start enjoying your free storage space straight away.

If you need a little more than personal cloud storage and are looking for a more business-focused cloud storage solution then offer two business plans.

The first Pro plan gives the user 500GB of space and costs $49 an annual subscription.

The second Pro plan offers 2TB of space and is $98 for the year.

Of course there have to be other benefits of paying for a subscription and those that sign up to a Pro account get advanced sharing options and administrative tools. These include features such as Remote Wipe and Priority e-mail support.

The pricing plans you get with are really competitive when compared to other cloud storage solutions and cost per TB or GB they are much less expensive than most. Their free plan seems to knock spots of the competition and it could be argued that they are one of the most cost-effective cloud data storage solutions.


You only have to see how came to be to realise when it comes to security they take the privacy of their users’ data very seriously. The whole reason for launching the company was to provide their own data storage solution for their other company. It just so happens that they have been able to launch their solutions to the mass market.

Because of their commitment to privacy they only allow the user access to the data. They operate a Zero Knowledge policy which means that no member of their staff has access to any of the data. The data encryption used is the same as that used by financial institutes and the military and they offer a complete end to end data encryption service.



Like many other cloud data storage providers you don’t have to go looking far to find out what support they offer to their customers. They list it as one of their features! Basically they offer e-mail support to everyone but those on a Pro plan benefit from priority e-mail support. In addition to this they offer help guides and a knowledgebase where you can go and search for the answers you are looking for before contacting support.

Within the knowledgebase you will find commonly asked questions and a search bar so that you can type your question in the hope that a relevant answer will be returned. If you fail to find what you are looking for then simply hit the ‘contact support’ button to send an e-mail.


If you like what you see and want to try before you commit the free account facility will allow you to do this. With 5GB of space you should be able to get a good feel for whether this is the cloud storage solution for you without spending any money. If you still aren’t sure let’s recap with a look at the pros and cons.


  • Easy to use – Even if you aren’t that great with computers or technology more than helps you to navigate its site. From the desktop to the app the system is straight forward and very user friendly.
  • Compatibility – Use PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or any Android phone or tablet.
  • Affordability – As well as offering a free plan with no time limits the Business Pro plans are so cost effective and offer really good value for money when compared to other cloud storage providers.
  • Security – If you are security conscious and have any concerns about others accessing your data then you need not worry as offers a Zero-Knowledge privacy policy meaning only you and those you share your data with has access to your files.
  • Support – whilst limited to e-mails there is a good knowledgebase and easy access to support via e-mail. It isn’t hidden away for no-one to find.


  • Whilst cost effective, some might find the data plans a little limited. Most cloud storage solutions offer more variety and custom made plans although what they do offer is ideal for small businesses, larger organisations might need a little more.
  • Other than this it really is hard to find any real flaws in the system. It seems like a solid offering and certainly ticks all of the boxes. This is largely down to the fact that it is one of the more recently launched cloud storage solution providers which was purpose built to their own business requirements.


Ease Of Use