Android backup with G Cloud

Today’s review features an Android application exclusively for you file backup.

G Cloud is a free application available in the Google Play store. It’s purpose resides in the backing up of your phone’s files including messages, call logs, browser data, system settings and more.
Signing up:
Joining the community requires an active email address and a password. After registration you will receive two messages from G Cloud: a welcoming one and another advertising their PC backup service called Zoolz. For me, signing up was relatively quick and easy. I’m not a fan of services loading up my inbox with messages, though.


Amount of free space:
Upon registration, you will get 1GB of free storage that can be increased through the service’s referral system to a maximum of 10GB. I’m rather disappointed with the small amount they are offering. Their referral system is also scattered, in my opinion.
What G Cloud is generous about is the variety of paid options it offers. They aren’t the cheapest ones out there, but at least you can choose what exactly to pay for:


Backing up:
One of the first screens that will appear after you log into your account, is to choose from where you want your data to be backed up. I was impressed by G Cloud’s option to save the information from your call logs and browser history, but hey, it was going to be included in such services sooner or later. The speed at which my files were backed up, was decent if not one of the better ones I’ve experienced so far.
Find my Android:
It’s one of the surprising features G Cloud keeps with its service. If you activate it, your phone will message out its location, in case its lost or stolen. It’s a nice option and a good layer of protection for a backup service.
GCloud uses 256- encryption on backed up files as it stores them the on Amazon AWS Cloud. The service’s privacy policy also states that administrators won’t view your files. Although the last statement might be questionable, overall security seems to be okay.
Backup speed
Find my Android
Customizable settings
1GB of free space
Final verdict is:
Even though, the offered space is little, G Cloud is a decent backup application. You can save your entire phone’s information to the cloud relatively quickly and add up another layer of security with “Find my Android”.

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