From the people, for the people…or maybe not with Ozibox

I’ve been eager to review this cloud storage provider for a long time and today, I finally get the chance to talk about it! What does OziBox offer? Does it live up to all the hype? Read on to see my answers.

OziBox is an open source community cloud, created and developed by What this community aims, basically, is to insure a completely free storage service for everyone, although currently it’s far from achieving it. Contrary to their ideas, OziBox has a pricing page in their official website. What can justify this, is the fact that they use all the payments received for server purchases.
What OziBox is particularly generous about, are the 100GB of space you get upon registering. Joining the service comes the usual way as well, enter your email address and a password, and click on the register button. You’ll receive a verification email with your email address and password as well as a special activation code for your profile.
At first glance, OziBox seems to have a clean and classy design. However, when you star using the service for a certain period of time, you will find it much bulkier in reality.
Uploading files
You can easily find the “Upload” button when opening your account. OziBox’s upload manager allows for you to either manually add your files or drag&drop them, which is useful in most cases. When talking about speed and actual experience, things didn’t go so well on my end. Be it large or small files, uploading my files was a slow and irritating activity at some point.What is more, when I tried moving my files to my personally created folders, they would mysteriously disappear leaving me with the question where exactly they are.
This storage provider offers a desktop client, which creates a folder in the Document section of your PC and synchronizes all the files and folders you’ve moved there. It is supposed to work, it should work, but sadly it doesn’t the least bit. I was really disappointed to see that out of all the files and folders I moved to the OziBox folder, only one appeared in my account.
OziBox mobile
OziBox offers iOS and Android applications for its service, but I’d recommend you don’t install them on your smartphones. If features are limited with the web version of the service, it’s even worse with the mobile one as you can’t even log in properly with all the crashes.
Supercoders’ idea for a completely free storage service
Amount of free space
Slow upload speed
Poor syncing options
Useless mobile applications
Verdict is:
When I first started browsing OziBox’s official website, I was convinced that in the end, I would be writing a positive review. However, expectations didn’t prove to be reality in this case. Supercoders’ idea is great, but if it comes for the price of low quality I’m not sure I’ll ever be recommending this for anyone to backup their files.

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