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Mozy Review – Summary
was launched in 2005 as an online backup, access and sync service. Unlike its rivals that focus on instant access, cloud data storage provider is committed to backing up systems on a regular basis as determined by their users. Perhaps more suited to business and enterprise than personal use. They now have over 6 million users across the globe and are dedicated to providing the most secure backup system that you will find anywhere.

Part of the EMC Corporation, their Headquarters are in Seattle, Washington but they also have offices in other global locations which are London. Utah, Cork and Shanghai.

As  a business or consumer if you want to back up your data you shouldn’t have to think about it on a regular basis. You should be secure in the knowledge that everything is taken care of and once you have selected how often you want your data backed up whether daily, weekly or monthly, you can sit back secure in the knowledge that you don’t need to worry. Security and efficiency are a priority for but we take a look in further detail at what this online backup provider has to offer and whether, in fact, it is the right solution for you.


Among’s features is the ability to schedule your backups as little or as much as you wish. Depending on your requirements you may choose to backup your data several times a day or once a week. You can determine how often you want your data backed up and then schedule it to run automatically. What other features can you expect to find if you become a user?


Data restore and file access – update files automatically across multiple devices with access on the move.

Admin tools – Create and manage users as well as a whole other host of administrative tools.

Military Grade Security – Mozy’s commitment to security is paramount and they place a lot of emphasis on how secure a user’s data will be if they backup their data to their system.

Support – live chat, email and telephone support as well as a knowledge base that holds the answers to many questions.


Ease of Use

It’s fair to say that if you are a complete novice when it comes to using computers and technology that Mozy isn’t the most intuitive, user-friendly online backup provider. The site doesn’t give you the same feel as others and isn’t as easy on the eye or as pretty (if that is an important factor to you). It doesn’t tend to show you where everything is but relies on the user to know what they are looking for and to find it for themselves.

The site is rather business-like with small text that isn’t the easiest to read but they do have a mobile friendly offering. Although there is a mobile site there isn’t an app. The platform operates with PC and Mac but was not designed with specific smartphones in mind. To be fair when it was launched in 2005 this wasn’t something that needed to be considered and their intention to be an online backup service means that the emphasis is very much on backing up data from larger systems.



Personal, Business and Enterprise are the 3 price plans on offer from but there are so many variations of the pricing structures available. You can choose from a 1 or 2-year subscription – a 2-year subscription will, as you would expect, attract a bigger discount. You then pay for the amount of space that you think you will need. Here is an example of pricing based on a 1-year Mozy personal plan.

Pricing for 3 computers, 125 GB storage

  • $109.89
  • For $2.00 extra every month, 20 GB can be added to the storage capacity of this plan.
  • Additional computers (up to 2 more) can also be setup with this plan for another $2.00 /month.


These prices are available in various connotations. Without servers, the prices become less and then if you consider the 2-year options you will get better discounts. There is also a monthly option.


Mozy offer ‘Military Grade Security’ and they take the importance of data security very seriously. They use only the best when it comes to TSL SSL Data encryption and all data is encrypted using a 256-bit data encryption.



The encryption is end to end – they don’t wait until your files arrive at their servers. They are encrypted on your computer and during the entire process of transit to and from your computer. In addition to this, they have successfully attained an ISO 27001 certification after completing a SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type 2 audit, something which they are very proud of given that many competitors don’t have this.

With these security measures, your fortified data can be stored securely and give you complete piece of mind that is safe from compromise.


Another area in which Mozy scores a good mark is Support. The support tab can be found right at the top of the site – not a function you always see with many cloud data and online backup providers. The support function is one area of the site that is extremely user-friendly in fact everything is categorized and easy to navigate. Rather than trying to find an e-mail address by searching the site for ten minutes you can just click the support link and choose the help you need.


There is a live chat option, email support, telephone support and a knowledge base for you to search for answers to your questions. If you need to get hold of someone or need your query answered then it isn’t hard to find the answers.


Is Mozy the online backup or cloud data solution for you? It largely depends on what you are looking for. If we are honest it seems to be more geared towards businesses with varying requirements. You select your business plan to suit your needs and they deliver a secure service. There are, as with any providers pros and cons which we have recapped below for you to make your own informed decision.


  • Titanium Military Grade Security ensuring that your files undergo end to end data encryption giving you peace of mind knowing that your data is stored securely
  • Regular backs up scheduled for as often as you need them to be. Choose from several times a day to once a week or once a month.
  • Support is crucial when you have all your business or enterprise data stored with a provider. You need to be able to get hold of someone in a hurry sometimes and Mozy offers this.
  • Pricing plans to suit everyone. There are so many different connotations that you won’t be hard pushed to find the solution that you are looking for.


  • No mobile app but that said there is a good mobile solution for those who want to back up their mobile devices or access their files on the move.
  • The site isn’t the easiest to navigate and some degree of tech knowledge is required to use the site.


Ease Of Use